Elementary School Pode Vsi

Type: open competition
Typology: elementary school for up to 540 children

Location: Pode Vsi, Czech Republic
Cooperation: EGKK Landschaftsarchitektur

Year: 2022

multifunctional area

The first grade is oriented around a large inner courtyard – a microcosm for the youngest children. Spacious corridors, which can be used for educational purposes and for rest, open outwards and turn the space into a large educational landscape.

Classroom outside
classroom inside

The diverse functions and uses are reflected in the design of the building. The three buildings combine to form one school. An entrance building with a foyer, cafeteria and gymnasium on the first floor – a building for first grade and afternoon care, and a building for special education such as music or art with a second grade on the first floor. The architectural design is based on the specific typological requirements of each of the buildings, creating a strong whole.